One comment on “Project IVAN almost done evening well spent…

  1. “Ivan” is built, test hovered, and put away before i break it

    Aileron(roll) 50% travel 30% expo
    Elevator (pitch) 50% travel 30% expo
    Rudder (YAW) 100% travel 0% expo

    All gain pots at 50%

    Motors are the turnigy 1050 Kv with the 10 by 4.5 props , esc’s 18amp HK’s (must be hobbywing as works with turnigy program card)

    930 grams with battery, 691 without

    set up in + mode

    Aileron Normal
    Elevator Reversed
    Rudder Normal
    Throttle reversed

    ESC’s settings

    Brake =off
    batt type= nimh
    cut off = low
    timing = middle

    rest at default settings

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