2 comments on “Ok next Build started this is MAT…

    • QUAD vs TRI

      Comparing my Tri (1.2 kg, 700mm wide , 4S batts 10 by 3.8 props) and my Quad (900 grams , 600mm wide, 3S batts 10 by 4.5 props)

      The Tri is a Forklift , the Quad is a Tank

      By that , i mean, thats how they fly, Yaw control on the QUAD, naturally, spins it around its centre (like a TANK)

      The Tri’s yaw response is way different, it spins around the centre of the two front motors (like a rear-stear forklift)

      the Quad also makes more of a fuss when it YAWS as its changing the speed of 4 motors, the tri just subtly changes the rear prop angle.

      Over all I dont know which I prefer yet, the quad is the only one I can hover at home, the Tri takes more space

      I really think I need to try a Y4 for comparison

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