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  1. HI there matthew,

    I saw your hexa? and it caught my attention since Im also working on a y6 and I want to eliminate efficiency issues. May I ask what fc are you using on the vtail and y6?

  2. Hi Don, both were using the open pilot CC board, with a custom mix. however the Y6 will fly with a normal y6 mix on any flight controller, the vtail just helps make the yaw smother, and helps orientation



  3. hi!!!

    im not new to helicopters but newish to multi-rotors i thought of almost this exact same layout for a Vtail hex.
    if you dont mind i would love to pick your brain!!!!

    im fine with learning how to code but i was curious how much extra coding you had to do to get this setup to work. it seems like it should be very stable and also allow for a great payload. am i mistaken?
    i plan to get into fpv(much later) but i want a fun smooth platform and hardware that allows for UAV GPS points. is the CC board capable of this yet?
    why did you not pursue this setup? it seems it would be far more efficient than your Y6 Vtail.

    any information you could give or pointers would be greatly appreciated!!! the community seems very divided in there opinions of everything and im having a hard time finding current information on true capability of newer boards and setups. you seem to be very knowledgeable with your custom builds.

    • Hello

      Vtail hex vs Y6Vtail – yep, the hex is more efficient by about 15% , the Y6 handled the wind better as it has a smaller effective prop area compared to the load
      I found with the Vtail hex, the way i had it set up, did not have enough roll control in a strong side wind, but that could be compensated for

      with the CC board, there is no coding, you set up the custom mix on the GCS software, thru a set of dialogue boxes, super simple

      way point etc will be handled by the revo, the cc board does not have the capability

      You can do it with an ardupilot, i did the software changes and ran the Y6Vtail on an APM 2, its not too hard, essentially you remove the yaw values from the front motors, and rol from the rear motors, as compared to a H hex setup

      Interesting your comments on divided opinions, some people seem to follow them blindly, to truly have an opinion, you need to try everything first

      • Great thank you for the fast response.

        what i meant was that it can at times be hard to find concrete info on the boards because you can really only talk about a system that you(the poster) can comment on what you know. often times ppl like to say something is bad for this or that without actually using the system.

        i am interested in the APM2.5 but it is pricey to get me started. but i love the size and weight of the OPCC. i really like the idea of return to launch for me as a new pilot in the multi-rotor scene.
        so in the end i may decide to just bite the bullet and go for the APM as it is so strong out the box, has so much expandability, and a really strong community.

        what would you suggest to help with roll control??

        and could you help me understand which motors were controlling what in the V-HEX setup?

        just to clarify you were running the VY6 on the APM 2 using the H software? why not use a Y-frame setup?
        do you need to use a X or H frame software for any V-Tail?

        and lastly why do almost all Vtail helis run with there motors facing out not in? here is a link to a example of what i mean.

        and again thank you so much for information. if there are any particular forums or webpages you find helpful i would much appreciate the direction. and intend to keep returning to see what you do next!!!

      • The Y6 Vtail was flowen on copter control and on APM2 , on the cc board using a custom mix, on the APM2 using the default Y6 setup, and also with a custom setup, but the default Y6 setup will work

        on the Vtail Hex, the front motors and rear motors control pitch, the rear control YAW , the front and middle should control Roll

        to get into the hobby, grab a KK2 board from hobbyking.com , http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__24723__Hobbyking_KK2_0_Multi_rotor_LCD_Flight_Control_Board.html as its the best value for getting into this, and you can do custom mixes

        that vtail in the youtube vid, according to its owner is more efficient, and he is probably right, i have tried it both like that (facing in) and facing out, it comes down to what you want it to look like, facing out you have some degree of prop protection

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