8 comments on “Open Pilot Hardware

  1. Hi Matt

    As per email exchange with David Ankers regarding getting one of the CC3D boards. Cheers Adam

  2. Hi Matt,

    Looking forward to trying out the new CC3D board on my next quadrotor build.
    Currently got a HT-FPV quadcopter with Naza GPS, but looking at either the QAV500 or TBS Discovery for my next one, but with the CC3D board which will be awesome!.



  3. Hi Matt,

    Very keen to get my hands on the CC3D for my Warthox quad.

    I look forward to some more news =)


    • The only place you can get them is from the openpilot global store if they run another pre-order , or one of the authorised manufacturers – details in the openpilot forums.

      Sorry guys, I currently am out of the loop for providing hardware

  4. We would like to contribute to the project where ever possible and would like to purchas your autopilot as soon as it is available to get started.
    With kind regards

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